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First US Army Band

1st Armored Division Army Band

1st Infantry Division Army Band

1st Cavalry Division Army Band

Second US Army Band

2nd Armored Division Army Band

2nd Infantry Division Army Band

2nd Brigade Army Training Band

Third US Army Band

3rd Armored Division Army Band

3rd Infantry Division Army Band

Fourth US Army Band

4th Armored Division Army Band

4th Infantry Division Army Band

Fifth US Army Band

5th Infantry Division Army Band

Sixth US Army Band Presidio

6th Infantry Division Army Band

Seventh US Army Band

7th Infantry Division Army Band

Seventh Army Symphony Orchestra

Eighth US Army Band

8th Infantry Division Army Band

Ninth US Army Band

9th Infantry Division Army Band

10th Mountain Division Army Band

11th Airborne Division Army Band

14th Army Band

18th Army Band

19th Army Band

21st Army Band

22nd Army Band

The 23rd Infantry Division Americal Band

24th Infantry Division Army Band

25th Infantry Division Army Band

26th Army Band

28th Army Band

29th Army Band

30th Army Band

31st Army Band

31st Infantry Division Army Band

33rd USAREUR Army Band & Chorus

36th Army Band

49th Army Band

50th Continental Army Band

52nd Army Band

55th Army Band

56th Army Band – I Corps

60th Army Band

61st Army Band

62nd MI Corps Army Band

72nd Army Band

74th Army Band

75th Army Band

76th Army Band

77th Army Band

79th Army Band

80th Army Band

81st Army Band

82nd Airborne Division Army Band

82nd Army Band

83rd Army Band

84th Army Band – V Corps

97th Army Band

98th Army Band

101st Airborne Division Army Band

113th Army Band

118th Army Band

158th Army Band

173rd Army Band

179th Army Ground Forces Band

196th Light Inf Div Brigade Army Band

199th Army Band

214th Army Ground Forces Band

264th Army Band

266th Army Band

278th Regimental Combat Band

279th Army Band France

282nd Army Band

283rd Army Infantry Center MCoE Band

291st Army Band

293rd Army Band

296th US Army Japan Band

297th Army Band

298th Army Berlin Brigade Band

314th Army Band

317th Army Band

322nd Army Service Forces Band

323rd Army Band

324th Army Band

326th Army Band

327th Army Band

328th Army Band

356th Army Band

371st Army Band

384th Army Band

389th Materiel Command Band

392nd Army Band

399th Army Band

423rd Army Band

424th Army Band

427th Army Band

433rd Army Band

434th Army Signal Corps Band

437th Army Band

438th Army Band

440th Army Band

493rd Army Band

SHAPE International Band


Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps Army Band

The United States Army Band

Training & Doctrine Command Band

US Army Field Band

Armed Forces Bicentennial Band


Walter Reed Medical Center Army Band

Navy Band Northwest

Navy Band Southwest

Navy Band Great Lakes

Navy Band Mid-South

Navy Band Southeast

Navy Band Northeast

US Navy Fleet Forces Band

Navy Pacific Fleet Band

Navy Sixth Fleet Band

Navy Seventh Fleet Band

Navy Atlantic Fleet CINCLANT Band

US Naval Forces Europe Band

United States Navy Band

Naval Academy Band

Naval Training Center Band Orlando

Naval Training Center Band San Diego

Navy Band Memphis

Navy Band New Orleans

Navy Band Seattle

Navy Band Charleston

Navy Band Jacksonville

Naval Station Band Newport

NAS Pennsacola Band

Naval COMNAVFOR Band Japan

Naval COMNAVMAR Band Guam

Naval COMPHIBLANT Band Norfolk

Naval CINCSOUTH Band Naples







Naval District 1 Band Northeast

Naval District 4 Band Philadelphia

Naval District 12 San Francisco Band

Naval District 17 Band Kodiak

Naval Destroyer Flotilla [DesFlot] 4 Band

Destroyer Flotilla [DesFlot] 8 Band

Naval Unit Band 10

Naval Unit Band 11

Naval Unit Band 12

Naval Unit Band 50

Naval Unit Band 85

Naval Unit Band 95

Naval Unit Band 107

Naval Unit Band 123

Naval Unit Band 134

Naval Unit Band 145

Naval Unit Band 155

Naval Unit Band 163

Naval Unit Band 177

Naval Unit Band 182

Naval Unit Band 194

Naval Unit Band 198

US Navy Steel Band

US Navy Show Band East

US Navy Show Band West

Brookland Navy Yard Band

Joint Unit Band – Apollo 11 Recovery

The United States Coast Guard Band

The US Coast Guard Pipe Band

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Bands

The US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

1st Marine Brigade Band

1st Marine Division Band

2nd Marine Division Band

3rd Marine Division Band

III Marine Amphibious Band

III Marine Div ‘Expeditionary Force’ Band

5th Marine Division Band

1st Marine Aircraft Wing Band

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band

4th Marine Aircraft Wing Band

Fleet Marine Force [MARFORPAC] Band

USMC Recruit Depot Band Parris Island

USMC Recruit Depot Band San Diego

USMC Air Ground Combat Center Band

Marine Corps Base Band Quantico

Marine Corps Base Band Camp Pendleton

Marine Corps Base Band Albany

3rd Air Force Band

8th Air Force Band • SAC HQ Band

9th Air Force Band

13th Air Force Band

15th USAF Band Of The Golden West

[501st] USAF Band Of The Pacific Hawaii

502nd Air Force Band

504th Air Force Band – NORAD

[504th] USAF Band Of The Golden Gate

[505th] USAF Band Of The Midwest

509th Air Force Band

521st Air Force Band

[523rd] USAF Band Of The Golden West

524th Air Force Band

527th Air Force Band

[528th] USAF Band Of Mid-America

[529th] USAF Band Of The Rockies

[534th] Women’s Air Force [WAF] Band

535th Air Force Band

536th Air Force Band

[539th] USAF Band Of The West

[541st] USAF Band Of Liberty

[543rd] Women’s Air Force [WAF] Band

558th Air Force Band

[564th] USAF Heritage Of America Band

570th Air Force Band

573rd Air Force Band

[581st] Band Of The USAF Reserve

583rd Air Force Band

589th Air Force Band

[590th] USAF Band Of The East

595th Air Force Band

[600th] Air Force Band Of The Pacific

604th Air Force Band

[661st] USAF Band Of Flight

680th Air Force Band

[686th] US Air Forces In Europe [USAFE] Band

695th Air Force Band

702nd Air Force Band

[724th] Air Force Band Of The Northwest

[730th] USAF Band Of The East

745th Air Force Band

[746th] USAF Band Of The Pacific Asia

751st Air Force Band

[752nd] USAF Band Of The Pacific

761st Air Force Band

776th Air Force Band

USAF Heartland Of America Band

The USAF Academy Band

The United States Air Force Band

The USAF Special Operations Band

The USAF Band Of Florida

USAF America’s Band In Blue

The USAF BMT Drum & Bugle Corps

USAF Air Mobility Band Of The Golden West

3320th Air Force Band

3535th Air Force Band

3560th Air Force Band

US Air Force Pipe Band

The USAF Band Of The Americas

USAF Tactical Air Command Band

Army National Guard Bands

Army Reserve Bands

Air National Guard Bands

Air Force Reserve Bands

Navy Reserve Bands

Marine Corps Reserve Bands

Coast Guard Reserve and Auxliary Bands

International ‘World’ Bands

I want to offer you the opportunity to share your stories via my Guestbook and enable you to contact your fellow veteran military musicians.

If you find someone you’d like to contact, click on the ‘Send Email’ icon after their name, wait for your Outlook or other email program to open and you’ll be able to send them an email.

I’d appreciate any feedback or comments you may have to help me make this a useful and fun website. My editors are ready to listen to your suggestions.

If you don’t see your band listed, or if know of bands I might have overlooked, please contact me. I’ll get them up!

You can participate by going to my Sign Up & Join / Contact page, then completing & submitting the free registration form.

I’ll post your info as soon as I can ~ I do this manually, so it can sometimes take a few days. I hope my website can help you network with old friends!

In the meantime, please enjoy browsing the website!


United States Army Guitarist
8th Infantry Division Band
Bad Kreuznach West Germany 1977 - 1979
Administrator & Webmaster

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Posted Thursday, December 5, 2019 @ 20:30 CMT: Check this news & message ticker for MilitaryBandsman.Com website updates, including new band members and band events. We've added dozens of new members to our seven groups and pages since last posting here and near 3400 members in our ArmyBandsman Facebook group and over 1000 members in our AirForceBandsman Facebook group! Click on the links at the bottom of this homepage to get reconnected with these vets. Twitter? @MBandsman. New entries for December 2019: Welcome Michael Goldberg career US Army tuba player 1989 - 2009. New entries for November 2019: Welcome James Vanderhoof US Army clarinetist, keyboardist and percussionist 1971 - 1973, Jerry Montgomery US Army French horn player 1972 - 1975, Donald Dickens US Army sax player 1980 - 1992, Rick Mather US Navy trumpet player and vocalist 1973 - 1976, Randy 'Robert' Dary US Army and USARNG trombone player 1968 - unknown, Mica Calfee US Army euphonium player 1974 - 1980 [Mica is looking for photos of anyone who has served with him], George Turner US Army tuba, electric and string basses 1966 - 1969, William Moats US Army euphonium player, Paul Leonhart Vietnam veteran and USMC trumpet player and arranger 1967 - 1970 [Paul was with the 1st Marine Division Band in Vietnam - Hill 327 and can be reached by phone @ (909) 967-0332], Jeff Hunt US Navy trumpet player 1975 - 1977, Ernest "Pete" Moreau career USAF percussionist 1956 - 1979, William Moats US Army trombone and euphonium player 1968 - 1971 [William was assigned to the 32 AADCOM Band, a Signal Corps Batallion Band in Kaiserslautern Germany], Curt Risk US Army saxophone player 1987 - 1996, US Army trumpet player Francis Scallatino 1989 - 1992 and Warner Williams US Army saxophone player 1969 - 1971. New entries for October 2019: Welcome David Jones US Army clarinetist 1984 - 1995, Jim Campbell US Army trumpet player 1974 - 1976, Stephen 'Steve' Fisher US Army tuba player 1977 - 1980 [Steve enlisted in the USAF after his time with the Army bands], William Hyde career 246th ARNG Band SC saxophone and clarinet player 1980 - 2000 and Mike Jenkins US Navy percussionist at Treasure Island NS 1977 - 1980. US Navy trumpeter Dakota Keller's email address has been updated and Greg Laedtke posted in our Guestbook. Further entries for October include Evan Jones US Army trumpet player 1964 - 1966, Nate Capehart career US Navy flute and saxophone player 1973 - 1992 [Nate was a medic in the Army Reserves for 10 years before joining the US Navy Special Forces Group] and Frank Kosmaceski career US Army Reserve saxophone, clarinet and flute player with the 307th USAR Band. New entries for September 2019: Welcome Vance Wolverton US Army saxophone and clarinet player 1971 - 1974 [Vance served as the choral director while assigned to the 1ID Band and as the choral director for the Main Post Chapel at Ft. Riley KS], Francis DiVirglio US Army tuba player 1978 - 1981, John Stokes US Army tuba player 1967 - 1969, Lavon 'Kit' Kittle US Army clarinet player 1980 - 1981, Tully Gray Ellis USMC trumpet player [dates not given], and updated info for David Wittenburg US Army euphonium player 1966 - 1969, Hartwell 'Ed' Nolan US Army trombone player 1970 - 1973, Autumn Kelley-Ryan career US Army percussionist 1974 - 1993 and Christopher Hanson career US Army trombone player 1996 - 2017. New entries for August 2019: Welcome Bruce Gleason US Army euphonium player 1989 - 1991 [Professor Bruce Gleason is the author of "Sound The Trumpet, Beat The Drums: Horse-Mounted Bands Of The US Army, 1820-1940" which we've presented on this homepage], Robert Fewkes US Army tuba and string bass player 1955 - 1958, Skip Lantry US Army trumpet player 1988 - 1992, Vincent DeMarro USMC tuba and electric bass player 1982 - 1986, John 'Jack' Toman US Army trumpet player 1966 - 1973 [Jack greets all bandsmen and bandswomen and says he's remained active in the music biz ~ look him up here on the website. He'd like to hear from any veterans!], Wendell 'Willie' Harrelson US Army saxophone player 1968 - 1970 [Willie was assigned to the 76th Army Band in Worms Germany and played the 25th anniversary of the Battle of the Buldge in Ardennes Belgium], Dennis 'Denny' Mease USAF percussionist, upright and electric basses 1968 - 1972, TJ Thomas US Army trumpet player 2008 - 2012, John Prestigiacomo USAF drums and percussionist 1976 - 1980, Robert Dashiell US Army tuba and trombone player 1966 - 1967, Stephen Allen USAF trumpet player 1974 - 1980 and Larry 'Dusty' Rhodes USAF vocalist, clarinet and sax player 1972 - 1976. Rory Burdine US Army updated his info while with the 101st Airborne Division Band. New entries for July 2019: Welcome Andrew Francisco career [and still on assignment] US Navy saxophone, clarinet, flute and keyboard player 2008 and active duty, Laurie Brown [Crowson] USMC trombone and euphonium player 1977, Rick Tolbert USAF trombone player 1984 -1993, John Dooley USMC tuba and bass player 1977 - 1980, Tom Mungall USMC trumpet and French horn player 1975 - 1978, David Huff USAF trombone and bass drum player 1967 - 1971, Don Evans US Army saxophone player 1970 - 1974, Laurie Jorgenson US Army clarinetist 1981 - 1983, Thomas Cole US Army clarinetist 1953 - 1956, John Swanson US Army French horn and trumpet player 1960 - 1962, and Jay Fiegel [Brooks] 1978 - 1980. Thomas Crombie US Army euphonium player updated his info, adding his assignment with the 2AD Band 1989 - 1991. New entries for June 2019: Welcome Jonathan Campbell US Army trumpet player 1985 - 1990, Curtiss Klein US Army trumpet player 1974 - 1977, Richard Brown US Army guitarist 1979 - 1982, Clarence Mitchell II career USAF trumpet player 1980 - 2008, Barney Smith [a career 3 service member] US Navy, USAF and US Army trombone player and Infantryman 1956 - 1997, CMSgt Claude "C.E." Askew career USAF percussionist 1971 - 2004, Eric Hostetter US Army trumpeter 1987 - 1989, Steven Lambert US Army French horn player 1968 - 1969, Ron Patterson USAF trumpet player 1972 - 1976, Steve Lambert US Army saxophone player [Steve's dates of service were not given and are unknown] and Alan Marks US Army Fifer with the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps 1977 - 1983. Veteran US Army trumpet player Richard Cole updated his email contact info. New entries for May 2019: Welcome Paul Burton US Army tuba player 1963 - 1965, Robert Smith US Army piano player 1961 - 1963 [Robert had the "old" band MOS 033 ~ not too many of these guys posted here on the website!], Ron Snodgrass career US Army trombone player 1965 - 1988, Tim Tucker career USAF and US Navy enlisted bandleader, saxophonist, clarinetist, guitarist and vocalist 1972 - 1998, Rod Cannon US Army clarinet player 1969 - 1971, George Kazmierzak US Army tuba player 1975 - 1989 and JR 'Randy' Fendrick US Navy trombone player 1959 - 1961. Want to have YOUR assignments added to our rosters? Click the "Sign Up & Join" tab located on the left side of this homepage! New entries for April 2019: Welcome Elgin Green US Army trumpet player and staff at the SOM 1975 - 1979 and 1987 - 1988, Mark Medlin career US Army and ARNG saxophone player 1983 - 2019, Steve DeMond US Army trumpet player 1970 - 1973, Paul Kolb US Army trumpet player 1968 - 1970, and my old 8ID Band bandmate Steve Neumeier US Army clarinet player 1973 - 1979, Rob Blankenship US Army clarinet player 1993 - 1996, accordion player Thomas Groeber US Navy 1971 and US Army Reserve 1985 - 1994. New entries for March 2019: Welcome David Gold US Army euphonium, trumpet, trombone and horn player 1970 - 1972 and US Navy trumpet and French horn player Noel Haynes 1958 - 1961 [Noel played in the Norfolk NATO Fest in 1960 ~ a kind of military tattoo - with 29 of the NATO countries participating]. New entries for February 2019: Welcome Francis 'Joe' Hoyle US Army clarinetist 1974 - 1980 [Joe says he's NOT on Facebook, so please contact him per Email ~ his wife IS on Facebook and he can be reached by messaging her], Robert Riska US Navy pianist and tuba player 1960 - 1964 [Robert says he was at the SOM when it was in Anacostia Washington DC and he had four great years in the Navy Band field], Lorrell 'Coop' Cooper US Navy euphonium and trombone player 1961 - 1964 [I've posted a message from Lorrell in the Guestbook, which you can find via our homepage], Richard Mason USMC field bugler and percussionist 1965 - 1969, Martin Schapiro US Army Vietnam veteran, saxophone and percussionist 1968 - 1971, Julie Schembre career USAF vocalist 1976 - 1981 and again from 1983 - 1996 [Julie says those were good years! She wants to give hugs to all the amazing musicians she had the pleasure of working with], Jerry Sather US Army saxophne player 1979 - 1986, Mike Howard US Army and ARNG trumpet player 1978 - 1983, Wayne Bennett career US Army trumpet player with 38+ years of service 1978 - 2013, Randy Myers US Army trumpet player 1980 - 1983, Philip Domingues US Army clarinet player 1967 - 1969, Rodney Hindrew career US Army clarinet and piano player 1974 - 1994 and Brian Vanderplas US Army trumpet player 1976 - 1979. New entries for January 2019: Welcome Charles Shaw US Army clarinetist 1976 - 1981, Michael Dudley 32+ year career US Army vocalist and announcer for the United States Army Band 1974 - 2006 [thanks for your 32+ years of service Michael!], John Brookfield US Army trumpet player 1962 - 1964, Harvey Leikind US Amy flute and piccollo player 1969 - 1971, Ronald Wasilenko US Navy MUC musician 1969 - 1971 [Ronald was in Naval Unit Band 156 which is a new band to our rosters], Glenn Johnson USAF baritone player 1968 - 1972, Don Palmer US Army percussionist 1963 - 1965, Robert Redman US Army saxophone player 1966 - 1968, James Twiggs US Army trumpet player 1969 - 1972, Bruce Canonico US Army saxophone player 1965 - 1973, Edgar Spearman USMC trumpet player 1976 - 1979, Arthur Ferris career US Army trumpet player [Art updated his info and added another band to his assignments!], Ed Stevens career US Army trumpet player 1973 - 2012, career US Army trumpet player Timothy Ledoux 1989 - 2008 [Timothy says he retired after 20 years active duty on January 1, 2009 and his ETS is now "a fast" 10 years ago! He lives in Ohio and is a program mentor for a NPO], Cornelius "C.W." Badie USMC trombone player 1979 - 1986, Jim Comstock USAF clarinet and saxophone player 1962 - 1966, Thomas Hardin USAF trumpet player 1968 - 1972, Timothy Brennan US Army, USAR and ARNG French horn and electric bass player 1975 - 1978 and again 1988 - 2014 [count 'em folks ~ that's 29 out of 39 years!], William Angdahl USAF percussionist 1966 - 1969 [William says it's been many years since he was standing proud with the USAF Band playing the Star Spangled Banner for all the medevacs during the war in Vietnam. 'Greatest experience' of his life. Got the best musical education he could ever afford at any university! ], and James Fitzpatrick US Army percussionist and trumpet player 1975 - 1978. If you have pictures you'd like to have posted or an event your band or group is planning and you'd like us to post it, email us at one of the contact email addresses below. Enjoy!


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