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U.S. Coast Guard Bands


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United States Coast Guard Band – New London CT    

DatesName InstrumentSend Email
1969 - 1975Lewis BuckleyTrumpet
1970 - 2000Ralph Thorp String Bass + Tuba + Tour Director
1974George Brown Timpani
1975 - 1979Richard F. Storey Trumpet Soloist
1975 - 2004Lewis BuckleyConductor
1978 - 2008Victor JohnsonBass Trombone
1979 - 1990John W. Banker Tuba
1980 - 2009Mark Weaver Trombone
1980 - 2010Anne Megan Oboe
1985 - 2005Rebecca Noreen Bassoon
1990 - 1999John W. Banker Music Director USCG Academy


The U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band    

DatesNameInstrumentsSend Email
Currently no entries


United States Coast Guard Auxiliary [USCG Aux] Bands

Current USCG Aux Bands:

- Flotilla 014-22-07 New York
- Flotilla 114-10-3 Arizona
- Flotilla 12-76 California

Planned USCG Aux Bands:

- Flotilla 42 Sequim-Port Angeles WA USCG Auxiliary Band of the Northwest

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard.

The Auxiliary exists to support all USCG missions except roles that require 'direct' law enforcement or military engagement. Atypical roles include those in which an active USCG member is replaced by an Auxiliarist. This frees the active member to serve in one of the two roles that can't be filled by an Auxiliarist.

As of May 2010, there were approximately 30,000 active Auxiliarists.

DatesNameInstrumentsFlotilla Band ▪ Port
Send Email
2007 >John Sasso Saxophone014-22-07 ▪ Fort Salonga NY
2013 >David Mandel Alto + Tenor Saxophone014-22-07 ▪ Fort Salonga NY
2015 >Benjamin Palmer Director of Bands114-10-3 ▪ Metro Phoenix AZ
2016 >Jon Jefferey Drums114-10-3 ▪ Metro Phoenix AZ
2016 >Al Yarusso Trumpet114-10-3 ▪ Metro Phoenix AZ
2016 - 2017Angie Holliday Drums + Flute114-10-3 ▪ Metro Phoenix AZ
2016 - 2017Lyle Lamb Drums114-10-3 ▪ Metro Phoenix AZ


The US Armed Forces Bicentennial Band   

DatesName MOS / InstrumentSend Email
1974 - 1977Michael Culbertson 02S / Special Bandsman
1975 - 1976Al Grossberg 02S / Special Bandsman
1975 - 1977George Brown USCG Timpani