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We pride ourselves in sharing our knowledge of the military bands field. We’re passionate about what we do and do it for self fulfillment. Feel free to contact any or all of us with comments or criticism, whether constructive or not. We’ll do what we can to set the record straight!

MilitaryBandsman.Com Admin & Webmaster:
John Moody US Army Guitar Player
8th Inf. Div. Band Germany
USMC Bands:
Kenneth Serfass USMC & US Army Bands, Ret.
US Marine Corps Bands Editor & Contributor
Army Bands:
Rick Barnes, US Army Bands Maj. Ret.
US Army Bands Editor & Contributor
Air Force Bands:
Bob Spellman USAF Bandsman, Ret.
USAF Bands Editor & Contributor
USCG Bands:
Look For Announcement Soon!
US Coast Guard Bands Editor & Contributor
TBOTB - Reader ▪ The Back Of The Bus
The Life and Times of Military Musicians
Fred Robinson USAF Reeds Player
Contact The Back Of The Bus @ TBOTB
Navy Bands:
Mike Beegle USN MUC, Ret.
US Navy Bands Editor & Contributor
Monthly PodCast Announcer:
Ken McConnell US Army Vietnam Veteran
Retired Radio & TV Broadcaster

Also looking for individuals that may be interested in volunteering as:

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     ► Social Media Administrator   Click here for more info

If you’re interested in volunteering for one or any of the above, email me for details.



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