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David Staron wrote on July 15, 2020:
Admin writes for David Staron: I was in the First Army Band and Charles Woodman and CW3 Stevenson were my band Leaders. SSG Domingo and Sgt Reel were the NCOs Had A great time and would like to touch base with some of the members. Dave Staron tubabassman326@yahoo.com
admin wrote on November 25, 2019:
Rick Mather US Navy messaged: I just happened on the page. Thanks so much for the info. I just found a few of my old friends! rmather333@gmail.com
admin wrote on November 25, 2019:
Randy 'Robert' Dary US Army messaged: Served with the 371st in 1968 as OJT before returning home to the 133rd Washington ARNG Band. No big memories, except for playing a pass & review for a British general, and also officer's talent shows, etc. randydary@gmail.com
Bill Sandve wrote on November 12, 2019:
Greetings: My dad was a trumpeter with the 4th Armored Division band at Cooke Barracks near Stuttgart 1957-59. Any info or photos I could find in here? Thanks! WGS sandvewg@yahoo.com
admin wrote on November 6, 2019:
Cpl. Richard Homberg wrote me: I was a clarinetist with the 3rd MAW Band 1974 - 1976. Would be interested in rekindling old contacts. Email: boisebiker52@gmail.com
JAVIER ANTUÑA SUAREZ wrote on October 23, 2019:
Hello, I´m interested in some information about the USAF of Torrejonde Ardoz of the sixties. JAVIER ANTUÑA SUAREZ PANERAS@HOTMAIL.COM
admin wrote on October 11, 2019:
Greg Laedtke sent me this message: I am trying to get ahold of Roger Ruckert. I was in the 101st Airborne Band with Roger in 1974. I would appreciate (corresponding with him!) glaedtke@new.rr.cc
Dave Huff wrote on July 17, 2019:
761st AF Band, Sheppard AFB Texas. 1967-71. Lots of memories. Mostly good. We were on the flight line in Houston to play when Apollo 11 arrived. We were also there for the arrival for Apollo 13 arrived. We had to take our drapes for the drums and practice slow marching, just in case they didn't make it back alive. Stood in the square at NASA to play. Nixon passed within 3 feet of me while playing. Great times. Dave Huff ~bandroadman@yahoo.com
admin wrote on July 12, 2019:
I was in the 199th Army National Guard Band that played for the Apollo 11 Astronauts at Gracie Mansion on August 13, 1969. I am trying to find a video of that performance. Any help appreciated. Barrie W. Mirzirski ~ Trumpet ~ 199th NYARNG Band ~ bmizirski@att.net
Cindy Riley wrote on June 24, 2019:
Am still searching for the person I consider my very best friend. Her maiden name was Dawn Marie Tyler and she was stationed in Germany in 1980. I am pleaded for anyone who knew her to please let me know how I might be able to reach her. It is as if she vanished. cindy120560@aol.com
Gamaliel Olvera wrote on June 19, 2019:
I served with the 62nd Army Band from May 1971 to may 1973. CWO Carlos Lozada was the band director. Great memories from that time. Would like my service time to be listed under 62nd Army Band. gman2753@yahoo.com
Sue Davidson wrote on May 3, 2019:
Hi. Looking for anyone that was in the 84th Div Army Reserve Band in Milwaukee, WI from 1984-1986. I was a french horn player and left the unit to go on active duty. Would love to have some pictures from the good old days. Sue Davidson ~ redmowolf@yahoo.com
admin wrote on February 16, 2019:
This is a message I posted here on behalf of US Navy trombonist Lorrell Cooper: Remember that first night in boot camp. Oh my God....What have I done.....4 years ...and at 18 years old that's nearly a life time. Stayed at music school an additional 4 months working in the music library so I could play with the schools basketball team. (The coach was the Warrant Officer in charge of the school) Med. Cruise on both the USS Independence and the USS Enterprise (Cuban Blockade) and the last 14 months at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville Fl. The Navy filled a time in my life when I had nothing going and didn't know what to. Got me started playing jazz. 1968 put my horn down and went without playing for 33 years. After retiring from LAFD picked the horn up and started practicing. Playing and singing more now then ever....Jazz quintet and big bands. A lot of rehearsal big bands (few jobs) in the LA area. Play the quintet 5 or 6 gigs a month....great in retirement. Enjoy...."Coop" Lorrell Cooper ~ simicoopp@sbcglobal.net
Gary Wolfe wrote on December 31, 2018:
80th Army Band, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Ga 1970-1971 Gary Wolfe ~ gwuf@hotmail.com
Steve Harris wrote on November 26, 2018:
i'd really like to connect with my band mates from the Americal Division band. Especially Rod Eichenberger. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve Harris ~ basesloaded519@gmail.com
Robert Parker wrote on November 14, 2018:
Before going to my active duty enlistment choice, the 6th U.S. Army Band, I attended the Navy School of Music (Army Element) from September 1967 through April 1968. In 1984 I was in the Army Reserve, when my civilian employer transferred me to Tucson, Arizona. I had achieved Enlisted Band Leader with the 91st Division Band and it hurt when I had to drop out of the Army Band field and go Armor in Tucson to try and make it to my 20 year retirement. I then got transferred to Houston, TX where I went Infantry for a few years, and then reverted back to Armor before getting my 20 year letter. Robert Parker oaksham@hotmail.com
Dan Anderson wrote on November 6, 2018:
It would be fun contacting and hearing from some of the members of the Ft. Monroe String Ensemble 1961 - 1963. violindan@att.net
admin wrote on November 3, 2018:
Hello Jim and thanks for your questions ~ I've only received sign-ups for veteran musicians from Naval Unit Band 95 in Corpus Christi TX and Naval Unit Band 107 in Long Beach CA. Feel free to submit your assignments so I can add these Unit Bands to the rosters. Visit the homepage or click on the link: "Sign Up And Join" in the navigation bar. Thanks! Admin
Jim Lotspeich wrote on October 29, 2018:
I just ran across this site and wondering why there is no mention of the two Unit bands I was in from 1961 -1965. The band right out of the Naval School of Music at Anacostia was Unit band 106. We were headquartered in Long Beach and ComCruDesPac. The ships involved were Prairie, Dixie, and Piedmont. Band quarters were on shore in Long Beach. The other band I was in was Unit band 185 located at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX. I was the tuba/double bass player. I heard that our unit band 106 band leader Chief Don Kotas just passed away in California. Sincerely Jim Lotspeich Salado, TX Jim Lotspeich jlotspeich1641@gmail.com
John W Chaney wrote on October 24, 2018:
Looking for Members of the 5th Inf Div Band that were at Fort Carson, CO 1965 and 1st Infantry Division Band, DI-AN Vietnam, Early March 1966-1967. John W Chaney Brovietnam@Hotmail.com
Dan Hastings wrote on October 20, 2018:
79th army band, Fort Clayton/Fort Amadore 1961-63. those were the greatest 2 years of my young life. Think about them fondly and all members of the unit frequently. Hope they were all successful in their future endeavors!! Dan Hastings Noteworthy41@aol.com
admin wrote on August 13, 2018:
Anyone with the 544th AF Band at 12th AF HQ Ramstein Germany in 1955-56-57. or Drum & Bugle Corp. I played trumpet with this unit an traveled through out the 12 AF Bases in France, Germany, and Holland . We played many Parades, Concerts, & Welcome Formation for European and US Visiting Dignartaries. We had a 19 Piece Jazz Band and the 50 Member Drum & Bugle Co. Good memories and good people. Don't know when the unit was disbanded. Ray@dreamerstudios.com
Ray Guerrie wrote on August 13, 2018:
Anyone with the 544th AF Band at 12th AF HQ Ramstein Germany in 1955-56-57. or Drum & Bugle Corp. I played trumpet with this unit an traveled through out the 12 AF Bases in France, Germany, and Holland . We played many Parades, Concerts, & Welcome Formation for European and US Visiting Dignartaries. We had a 19 Piece Jazz Band and the 50 Member Drum & Bugle Co. Good memories and good people. Don't know when the unit was disbanded. Ray@dreamerstudios.com
Markus Jurziczek wrote on August 12, 2018:
Hi, i have some picture from the 298th Army Berlin Brigade Band at summer 1976. Please contact me if you are interested
Tina Bowman wrote on July 12, 2018:
Looking for some soldiers SGT Smith wife Margret SFC ANDERSON Or know Carl Brown
Larry Weintraub wrote on July 11, 2018:
The absolute best Navy Band I was in was the Atlantic Fleet Band from 2001 - 2005. This is when Lorelei Conrad, then Mel Kessler led the band and brought the band to high musical heights. Also helping w/that were LT Carl Gerhardt and MUCM Rick Jasper. They had enough confidence in me to let me, a MU2 take care of moving the band, lock, stock and barrel from SP-70 to the new Band Room behind SP-70. After I returned from the Aebersold Jazz Workshop in 7/2003 they made me leader of the Fleet Jazz Combo until I retired. I was leader despite not being the highest ranking person in the group. I will NEVER Forget that Mel Kessler allowed MICHAEL BRECKER to do a 1 day Workshop w/the band around Sept 3, 2003. Michael listened to all the groups play and gave his feedback. Some was critical but in a NICE Way. Other comments or gestures were complimentary. I truly appreciate the feedback that Michael Brecker gave me, both in the Jazz Ensemble on alto sax and then later hearing me play tenor sax in my office. Michael Brecker is truly missed both as a player and as an inspiration. To read my whole article go to www.bestsaxophonewebsiteever.com go to page 2 and look for the article about M.Brecker. There is a photo of Michael and I.
bill durland wrote on May 24, 2018:
I was in the af band field for twenty years.I played sax,clairnet and some flute.My first af band was the 9th af band at shaw AFB in 1960.Mister Burt was the commander.Then to the ramstein Germany band in 1960,Mr Proctor commander.Then to the band at Mc Chord band.Then to the band at Langley AFB Virginia.After 20yrs in the band field I became a generals aide.I retired after 28yrs as a e-8 and been living in anchorage,alaska for the last 33yrs. saxman99503@yahoo.com
Paul Hutchins wrote on May 20, 2018:
Howdy...I played first soprano in the Lackland AFB, BMT Drum and Bugle Corps from September until early December 1963. Fellow musicians included John Tyree former Cambridge Caballero DM and several members from the Chicago Cavs, Belleville Black knights (Mike Hartwell), Bath Buccaneers...Henry Gallant and myself. We did retreats, graduations, and parades in Del Rio and San Marcos...good time. Went to Lincoln AFB, Nebraska as a Finance and Accounting Tech, and spent my final year in Glasgow AFB, Montana. Taught high school English for forty years in Maine and California...presently reside with my wife, Susan, in Laguna Woods, CA. hut6chins@comline.com
William "Pete Kelly" Gray wrote on May 8, 2018:
595th AF Band _"Pete Kelly" Please add band CO-CWO Joseph F. Lanzilotti. Please forgive the slip in my 81yr old memory.
William "Pete Kelly" Gray wrote on May 8, 2018:
595th Air Force Band Andersen AFB, Guam (2/56-8/57). Band members I remember: trps-Jerry Mansuetti, Ted Wheeler, Ed Cartwright, Joe Hayek, David Hilton, Bob Love, Gerhardt Kohler, Orbell Schmidt. Sax-Mark Akita, Ed Lozinski, Ray Rubin, John Jacobs, Donald Thompson.Trbs-James Knighten, Lewis Rohrer. Sousaphone-Don Hodge, Marty Martyn (drms&Pno) Drms-Joe Hindman, Piano-Accord-cmbls-Gordon Fields. Anyone or relatives please respond. lagray3708@att.net
William "Pete Kelly" Gray wrote on May 6, 2018:
661st AF Band "Air Materiel Command Band". Oct '55 - Jan/56. Fellow band members whose names I can remember: Msgt Rice - band director and NCOIC, Julius Ebert-sousaphone, Art Wiggins-trumpet, George Reynolds-trumpet, David "Duck" Hilton-trumpet, Stanley Horowitz-clarinet, Bill Geise-clarinet, Jerry Trotter-drums, Carl Fischer-drums. Just out of BMT, no music school then -just OJT. I ate in NCO mess hall first week-no one told me any difference, but I wondered why I was the only A/3C among all NCO. I guess they thought I had 'hutspa' and did'nt want to ruin my adventure. I was sent to headquarters adm office with plain manila envelop "Morning Canon Report" but the laugh was on admn office because they could not figure what inbox it should go. 35-piece band, fairly well balanced - played several concerts at surrounding schools, one parade at "All American City" (can't remember town name). One VIP visit gig - very cold in Ohio, our mouthpieces froze to our lips. Watched Steve Allen every night on round-tube B&W TV in day-room. Not much to do on $120/mo - paycall in cash from armed Sgt Rice. Thanks for reading my rambling.
Karla (Gaines) Zaragoza wrote on March 7, 2018:
Noah Gaines was my father. I last heard from him in 2015 indicating his health had began to significantly decline. He was never one for constant flow of correspondence. I have just learn that he passed away last year while discovering family members via Ancestry.com. I'm deeply saddened and shocked by the news. He was loved greatly.To Guillaume Samson, please contact at your earliest convenience. On behalf of my entire family, thank you for your compassion.
Ted Cowan wrote on February 15, 2018:
I see messages about a Noah Gaines, a former musician who died in Germany last year. Is there anyone here who can help me determine if this Noah Gaines is my father's brother?
admin wrote on November 9, 2017:
Douglas Green USAF wrote on November 9, 2017: It was great finding one of my old bandmates (and fellow Fr. Horn player) already registered. Again, this is a wonderful site affording a look back through a lot of somewhat hazy memories at this point. Thanks for your efforts, John, as they are much appreciated. Douglas Green multimagic@mac.com
CW4 Josef Orosz wrote on November 5, 2017:
Have found one trombone player who played in the all black Army Band on the docks at Pusan, Korea during the conflict there. He was assigned to the 8th AB but transferred. Anyone know of any other men that were assigned to the docks at Pusan?
Cliff Richmond wrote on October 31, 2017:
Was NCOIC/Musical Supervisor Lowry AFB Drum & Bugle Corps 1969-1973. Managed to find money to get the corps a "Matched Set" of Olds GF bugles and Slingerland drums. The corps perfomed in many civilian venues as well as the Drum Corps International competitions in Denver and Boulder CO in 1971 & 1972.
RICCHARD P. GIROUX wrote on June 27, 2017:
I am listed in every Band I was in. Retired in 1994, from the 10TH Mountain Division Band. After which I returned to Augusta, Georgia, where I attended the Georgia Peace Officers Academy. At graduation I entered the Richmond County Marshals Department from 1994 - 1997. After which I returned to the State of Maine, where I worked Security for Southern Maine Medical Center (Hospital) 1997 - 1998. I joined the York County Sheriffs Department 1998 - 2004. I am fully retired in 2005 as a Disabled Veteran. [Note from Admin: Sadly, Richard Giroux has recently passed away . . .]
Richard Olivieri wrote on June 26, 2017:
Assigned to the 74th Army Band in Ft. Benjamin Harris, Indianapolis, Indiana after basic. Enjoyed my time there until I was transferred to the 1st Division Infantry Band in Ft. Riley, Kansas for deployment to Vietnam. Got hurt in combat training and didn't go to Vietnam but transferred to the 437th Army Band. While in the 437th, met some other guy from good old Brooklyn and when I was discharged in 1965 got together with him and we had a wedding band going for a few years. Went our separate ways with our professions and only this year met up with him on Facebook after 43 years. Good memories. Looking forward to more guys I served with signing on to this page to correspond with.
Paul Dickinson wrote on May 30, 2017:
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me a good resource to find out information about the Air Transport Command Band that was active in Hamilton Field, CA, during WWII. I'm looking for when the band was activated and when it was discontinued. My grandfather John Shaffer Shuman played the trombone in this band between 1944 and 1945.
Priscilla Forsyth wrote on April 1, 2017:
If you have info I requested in my [previous] post [below], please email me at Priscillaforsyth@cableone.net
Priscilla Forsyth wrote on April 1, 2017:
My father, Gordon Jameson Forsyth,played trombone at Ft. Sheriday between 1946-48. I am looking for information about the band at that time. I'm not sure if it was the Fifth Army Band then. Anyone with info about the band at that time or any photos I'd love to hear from you.
Deb alt wrote on March 23, 2017:
Looking for Donald Wade, that was in okinawa, whose birthday is in January and played trombone in marines please call 419 236 0752
admin wrote on February 9, 2017:
Guillaume Samson, I heard from my friends in Bad Kreuznach that Noah passed away recently. He was my 1SG back in the '70's when I was assigned as an 02T to the 8th ID Band.
Michael Saleck wrote on February 4, 2017:
Graduated Army, Navy, Marine School of Music. Went to 9th Infantry Band - Ft. Lewis, Washington in 1973. Stationed their until 1975. Played all Saxophones, electric piano, accordion, cymbals, chimes, gloc, xylophones. Played in Marching Band, Show Band, Big Band, Alpine Band, Jazz Band. Designed 9th Infantry Band Stand fronts used during performances.
Guillaume Samson wrote on January 23, 2017:
For those looking for Noah Gaines, I used to work with him in the shoppette in Bad Kreuznach. I saw him once in a while in the city after the base was closed, but I just found out today that he passed away this past weekend. I have no further info on it because I guess his family are keeping the info very private.
Peter F Butler Jr wrote on January 2, 2017:
Hello, all! Happy New Year for 2017! I served in the U S Air Force 724th band from 1961 to 1965, first at Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA, and then for the unit's transfer in '63 to McChord AFB, Tacoma, WA. We had a 50th mini-reunion at Mather back in 2012 and myself, Dick Derosear, George Over, Dave Kennedy, Bill Hobbs, Tim McCartney, plus two others whose names sadly I have forgotten came out for it. We had a great time! FYI, I have since gotten in touch with Norm Walters, Norm Gillet, Don Reitz, Bill Veley, and just last month contacted with Jim Nolan. Our CO's at Mather were Capt. John Nalezny and CWO4 Al Sanders, and and they were followed at McChord by Capt. Herbert Childs. CMSGT Al Perkins was the band super. Spent the rest of my post AF life as a choral director/singer, but I am so grateful to have been able to serve in the music field!! No regrets!!!! Thanks to all for your service to our great country!!!
James McMillen wrote on December 30, 2016:
Clarinetist with 745th Army Air Corps Band at Colorado Springs, 15th Air Force Headquarters, Smoky Hill Afb, Salina Kansas. Moved to 724th Af Band, Mather Afb, CA. Activated 544th & 545th Af bands, Sampson Afb, Geneva, NY, 1950, Activated 574th & 575th Af Bands, Parks AFB, CA 1951. Appointed Wong 1954 transferred to 503 Af Band, Keesler Afb, Miss. Moved to 519th AfBand, Keflavik, Iceland 1955-56. Moved to Nellie Afb, Las Vegas, Nev, then to Williams Afb, 1957 ,Phoenix , Arizona, then to Hunter Afb, 1959 Savannah, Ga, then to McCoy Afb, 1961 Orlando , Fl. . Overseas to 600th Af Band, Clark Afb, PI 1963-65 and final assignment to Hamilton Afb, Novato, CA. Retired Aug 1956
Larry Dixon wrote on November 7, 2016:
Played trombone in the 55th Army Band (1968-1971) at Redstone Arsenal, AL. Happy to have served with such a great group of people and musicians who will always be remembered. What a ride!
Sebastian Papa wrote on October 30, 2016:
I played trumpet next to the Chet Baker in the 298th AGF band in Berlin, Germany in 1947. I was also bunked with Bob Badgely, who was the leader of the dance band. The band was sent to Antwerp, Belgium to play for the war dead to be sent back to the USA.
SGT Dennis Kent wrote on October 2, 2016:
Played bassoon in 14th, 126th, 13th, 24th Army Bands & 38th Division Band. 02K was a cool MOS to tell my drill instructor.
George O Hand wrote on September 5, 2016:
I played in the Navy. 1957 & 1958 at the School of Music in Washington DC. Also Unit Band #162. SanDiego Naval Training Center Band (70 pice band) till September 1961.
Norm Klumpp wrote on August 18, 2016:
I served with the 5th Army Band at Ft. Sheridan I'll in 1958 and again, in 1961 as Bass Trombonist. In addition, I served with the 9th Army Band at Ft. Wainright, Fairbanks , Alaska from November 1959 to May, 1961. I attended the U.S. Army School of Music at Anacostia prior to my Army Band assignments. Music being my avocation and vocation, I retired as a Band Director in Colorado.
Glen Ballard wrote on August 13, 2016:
Hello, I was a trumpet player with the 4th Armored Division Band in Goeppingen, Germany 1958-1959. I would like too hear from any other band members who server there with me at that time. It was a great bunch of musicians, a great bunch of friends. I am living in Alton, Illinois, Joined the band at Fort Hood, Texas in Sept 1957, we went to Germany in January 1958. I served as mail clerk to the band and directed the chorus for a while. Hope someone will find this note and get in touch with me.
Cindy Riley Slater wrote on June 29, 2016:
Hello, I am and have been searching for my best friend for over 25 years. Her maiden name was Dawn Marie Tyler and she was born between 1960 and 1961. She served in the army band and was stationed in Germany in 1980. She played the saxophone I believe. If anyone served with her or knows her please ask her to contact me. I haven't heard from her since April 1980. I am sure she has married and may have a different last name. Childhood friends share lasting memories and I would love to reconnect. Thank you, Cindy...
Jack Bausman wrote on May 8, 2016:
Hi, I was in the 283rd Army Band at Ft. Benning, Ga. in 1969 for 9 months and to the 101st Airborne Airmobile Band for 1 year 1970-1971 at Camp Eagle, in Viet Nam. I played clarinet and have connected with 2 former members.
Timothy Santay wrote on April 30, 2016:
This site has helped me connect with some old friends that served in the 74th Army Band. I feel very lucky that I discovered it. Can't wait to see the photo gallery. Keep up the good work.
Kayla Perdue wrote on April 22, 2016:
I am a senior at Freeburg High School and I met a wonderful flute player today. Staff Sergeant Rachel Maclary answered a lot of my questions and is a wonderful flute player. Thank you U.S. Air Force Woodwind Quartet for taking your time and coming to play for us. I really enjoyed it.
Don Azars wrote on March 3, 2016:
Anyone attend the US Navy School of Music & US Army School of Music when it was located in Anacostia (part of Wash., D.C.). I was there in early 1964... the schoo later moved to virginia Beach of course.
Don Azars wrote on March 3, 2016:
Hi all of you who I served with (64-66) and the many I auditioned at Ft. Dix who served thereafter. It was a great experience, many lessons learned, a career in Radio/TV spawned from those years too. I hope many of you contact me.
Rick Allen wrote on January 2, 2016:
Sorry Also looking for any D&B Corps Units that served in Europe Asia as well.
Rick Allen wrote on January 2, 2016:
Looking for any photos recordings of any US Military Drum and Bugle Corps . Interested in Recruit School Corps ie: GREAT LAKES ORLANDO NTC LACKLAND AFB etc
thomas wymer wrote on November 24, 2015:
Greetings. I was in the 1 AD Army band (Ansbach, FRG), 283rd Army Band (Ft Benning), 116th Army Band (NG)(Atlanta), and 313th Army Band (USAR) (Birmingham) Been very blessed being with some really great people, great bands, and great times.
Loren R. Knapp wrote on November 19, 2015:
I was very fortunate to be assigned to the 541st U.S.A.F. Band at Luke AFB in Arizona (Near Phoenix). Especially since I was from Tucson..120 miles away. I was able to side-step re-assignment orders twice. Once to Germany and once to Alaska. I stayed at Luke for 4 years from 1966-1970. I played Clarinet and Sax. I have my dear mother to thank for keeping me out of Nam. Practice..practice and more practice.
Ed Knox wrote on November 17, 2015:
Howdy! I was with the 82nd Army Band in Stuttgart, from Oct '73 'til March of '75. Then to Huntsville Alabama's 55th Army Band until later that same year, when I went to the SOM for Brass Group Leader School. Finished out my time at the 101st Airborne Division Band, Ft. Campbell, KY.
David Worrall wrote on November 10, 2015:
Enlisted Royal Australian Air Force Band 1982. Graduated US Armed Forces School of Music EBL 1988. Only Air Force member to do so ever I believe. Commander and MD of our Air Command Band 1988-2001. Retirement in Jan 16 as most senior Air Force musician in our history.
John Moody US Army wrote on November 10, 2015:
Noah was my 1SG when I was with the 8th ID Band in Germany. He, as well as myself , got a 'European Out'. Last time I saw him was in Bad Kreuznach Germany in 2001 right before we returned to the USA. I looked for him when I was there earlier this year on vacation but had no luck locating him.
myra byrd wrote on November 10, 2015:
I was the 1st female in the 282nd Army Band, Ft. Jackson, SC; 1974 - 1976. Looking to reconnect with Noah Gaines SFC, Retired. Tbone and trumpet. Tours in Germany, Kentucky, Ft. Hood. Anybody w/info please contact me.
Jeff Smurthwaite wrote on November 9, 2015:
Enlisted in the Army in 9/69 and did basic at Fort Lewis, WA. Attended Armed Forces School of Music in Norfolk, VA from 11/69 to 4/70, then with the 21st Army Band at back at Fort Lewis, WA until 4/71. Served with the 298th Army Band in Berlin from 4/71 to 10/71, then 3rd Infantry Division Band until RIF'd in 4/72 as a SP4. MOS was 02E20, trombone player. Wonderful experience and have reconnected with a lot of friends on Facebook.
Tim Harr wrote on November 9, 2015:
I was in Class 87-500 at the School of Music from 23 Sep 87 to 24 Mar 88. I studied guitar under Jim Robo (a MU2 at the time) and even had a couple of lessons with Bob Roetker. My first assignment was with the 74th AB at Ft. Harrison under CW4 Richard Saddler and 1SG Ed Ellis . I reported to the 2d ID Band in Korea 17 Feb1993. There, I was under CW3 Bob Shoaf and1SG LC McClerkin. Later in the year, it was CW3 Doug Paarmann and 1SG Dave Durkin(?). While in Korea, we played for President Clinton and he played tenor sax with the jazz combo I played in. The performance was aired on CNN in the US. I DROS to the 77th AB at Ft Sill, OK 16 Feb 1994. Played under my old friend and asst squad leader from Ft Harrison, Bob Nixon - now a Bandmaster. After Bob PCS' d, CW3 Brian Benson was my commander. From the 77th, I went on USAREC duty in late1996. I later coverted from 02T ( Guitar Player) to 79R (Career Recruiter). Later, I was an instructor at Recruiting School.. I retired from AD on 30 Apr 2008.
Burt M. Crume wrote on November 9, 2015:
I was piano player with 3rd ID Band in Wurzburg from early 67 through early 69. Interesting times for a draftee. I signed on for an extra year to go to Army Broadcasting School in New Rochelle, NY, and was sent to SOM for seven months then to Wurzburg until April of 69. The experience changed my life...for the better, I think. (I figured I would go to Viet Nam like so many of my friends, so I wanted to learn broadcasting...) I have many pictures from those days since I was taking photo classes from Fritz in the Service Club Photo Lab and always had my camera with me. It would be nice to hear from some of those with the Marne Band.
Bill Runyan-trombonist in the 6th US Army Band, Presidio of San Francisco wrote on November 9, 2015:
I was in the 6th Army Band at the Presidio of San Francisco for three years (1968-1971). Played trombone and euphonium and must have seen literally hundreds go through that band, while only Carl Leach (trumpet) and I hung around waiting for orders that never came. Knew lots of fine guys and great musicians. Some of my closer friends were Danny Garvin, Bill Holst, Carl Christensen, Carl Leach, Howard Pink, Ed Kennedy, Tom Caples, Tom VanArsdel, and others. Had a great time there, during difficult times for the nation. Learned a lot that helped greatly during my later years in graduate school at Eastman. We must have played every county fair, rodeo, and parade in the Valley, not to speak of schools. Ate a lot of Mexican food, drank a lot of beer. A few of us had a wild time flying around the west in May of 1970 playing in Civil War uniforms as part of the Golden Spike Centennial activities. I was also part of an ill conceived "Fanfare Trumpet" group for Nixon's Western Whitehouse, and hated that heavy, Besson contra-bass trumpet in low Gb. Oh, well. Those were good years, I see now.
Luise von Kuenheim wrote on November 9, 2015:
I am searching for my father, he was stationed in Germany-ASCHAFFENBURG 1956/1957 in the 3rd AD (Spearhead) in GRAVES BARRACKS. I have no name, but I was told that he played trumpet (maybe french horn), liked music very much and dancing. If somebody knows about my father from that time in Aschaffenburg, please let me know, I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance, Luisa
Rudy Grossi wrote on November 9, 2015:
Rudy Grossi. Hello, I was in the 541st Air Force Band when it was at Luke AF Base in Phoenix AZ from 1972-1976. I was a woodwind player then (mostly alto saxophone). I am still playing, usually three nights a week with rehearsal bands. If anyone was in the band then I would like to hear from you. I can be contacted at rudygrossi@yahoo.com
Bob Davis wrote on November 9, 2015:
drafted 1964, played sax in 1st Army Band then 326th Army Band both NYC. Good duty. Good to be out. Got out in mid 1967 just in time for the riots in Newark NJ where I had a temporary job at Ballentine Brewery Best regards
Tom Hayes Jr. wrote on November 9, 2015:
Looking for old photo's and memories from my Fathers years in the Army Band, he served '61-82 initially stationed with the 80th in Ft Stewart and retired in '81 at Ft Gordon. He entered playing Trumpet and switched to Fr Horn after a few years. SFC Thomas Hayes, Sr (US Army Retired)
Greg von Buchau wrote on November 9, 2015:
Drafted in1963. Sent to Ft Ord for basic. I had been playing Bass in various night clubs around the SF bay area and I guess they needed a Bass player for combos that played enlisted mens and officers clubs. Next thing I know I'm being called over to the Band for an audition. Sgt asks me if I can play an instrument I can march with and I tell him I played a little Trumpet as a kid. Viola MOS 021 and in the Band I go.. Got orders for 7th Division Band in Korea but got the measles two days before shipping out. Orders changed to 21st Band in Ft Lewis Wa. Played third trumpet, couldn't read music worth beans still can't. Faked the parts most of the time. Played Bass at the clubs on base and private parties. Earned a little extra cash to supplement the $94 per month basic pay.. Did a stateside transfer to Oakland Army Terminal for the last six months because my wife was homesick. Even though I was a draftee I was pretty darn lucky getting in a Band with my limited music reading ability.
Lawrence A. (Larry) Devron wrote on November 9, 2015:
Greetings to all who served with The Third Army Band or "The Third U.S. Army Band". We have been successful in having a recording made by The U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own (The U.S. Army Concert Band) on 6 NOV 2013 of the original "Third Army March" composed by the late CWO Gregorio A. Diaz and "Respectfully dedicated to Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. and the officers and men who served with the Third U.S. Army" 10th April 1945. A link to the Third Army Tribute site: http://www.pattonthirdarmy.com/3rdarmyband.html A great article and an MP3 are available under the title "Marching Back in Time" at the Army Music site: http://www.music.army.mil/news/default.asp?NewsID=1170 Sincerely and respectfully, Lawrence A. Devron, Pershing's Own '67-'70 and Mr. Tom Diaz son of the composer.
Ralph Gregory wrote on November 9, 2015:
My Father was in the second division chorus in 1963 which happened to include the great Allen Toussaint, and I am trying to find anyone who has copies of these pictures. He said there was an album cover made with the whole chorus which included separate pictures of him and Mr. Toussaint off to the side, and I would really like to surprise him with this as a gift to replace his lost one. There is a copy of this photo on Amazon, and although I can tell that the tall male to the Lt. right is my father, I am still hoping to find a clearer picture of this.
Carol Wilson Heim wrote on November 9, 2015:
This is to Gina Rice inquiring about Mineral Wells, Texas. I lived there during the Vietnam war. I worked as a civilian in the Comptroller's office. The army base was Ft. Wolters, Texas and was a primary helicopter training base and also training for Chief Warrant Officers (CWO). There is a website for Ft. Wolters, Tx and you might could find the information you are looking for through their website.
Ron Pretzer wrote on November 9, 2015:
I played in the 74th Army Band at Fort Harrison from July 1967 to April 1969. I played clarinet and often wonder if anybody is still around that was there at that time. I was in the 266th army band in Vietnam from April 1969 to April 1970. If anyone was in either of these bands then, please let me know how you are doing now.
Sebastian (Sebby) Papa wrote on November 9, 2015:
Enlisted in the Army right after I graduated New Britain, CT High School. Took Basic Training & Band School in Petersburg, VA. Shipped to Bremerhaven , Germany. Put on train to Assmanshausen. Auditioned & assigned to the 298th AGF Band in The American Sector of Berlin, Germany. Also in the band was the great Chet Baker. Discharged in 1948 after 18 month enlistment.
Sebastian (Sebby) Papa wrote on November 9, 2015:
Served in the 298th AGF Band in 1947 with Bob Badgely & Chet Baker along with Dennis Richard. After discharge atarted my own Big Dance Band; www.sebbypapabigband.com. Played trumpet & flugelhorn. My trumpetwas given to me by Conrad Gozzo's father. Gold plated French LeBalanc from paris, France. Also played by Al Hirt.
John Moss wrote on November 9, 2015:
Was with the 3rd MAW Band at El Toro from 1975 - 1978. Would love to hear from anybody else from that unit.
Ken Bolden wrote on November 9, 2015:
I was at the Army Element / Naval School of Music Sept 1970. Was assigned to the 282nd Army Band in Feb.1971 as a percussionist. Served with the Soldier Show Band at Ft.McPherson,Ga. in Aug,1971 and back to the 282nd in Jan.1972. Served with the 8th ID Band in Bad Kreuznach, Germany from Aug,1972- March 1973. Went back to school at Georgia State University to study for degrees in Commercial Music/ Recording and Masters of Art in Music Education. Worked in the recording industry at Arista, EMI, and Capitol/Blue Note Records. Would like to hear from some of the guys I served with in service.
Albert Mason - 3rd Armored Division Band - Spearhead Division 69 thru 70 wrote on November 9, 2015:
My 2 years in the band were some of the best times anyone could have and some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. If everyone in the world played an instrument we'd probably get along a whole lot better because music seems to bring out the best in all of us.
Mike Beegle USN wrote on November 9, 2015:
Great job! I don't know the name of the person responsible for putting this together but I see a LOT of hard word and dedication. Thanks you for the preserving the rich history of Military Music.