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The Social Media Contributor Comments: August 2013



HOT Military Band Fun in the Summertime

-By SFC Andre V. Milteer, USA (Ret.)

Tis the season to be [change of command] marching…Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lah. If you are an active military (or retired) bandsman, Ya No Watta eyes mean! Sure summertime means swimming, BBQ, and sipping {Mike’s} lemonade – but also means hot-standing-fun-on-a-midday’s-military parade field.

The Military Bandsman Code of Conduct (CoC)
Observing the unwritten rule of military marching bands, falling out of formation was not allowed. Not taboo, not discouraged…no, it was not allowed. The quintessential, A Non-Issue. Sure, it was 95F degrees in the Texas shade, but the military parade must go on. That Squadron/Brigade/Detachment/Division/Fleet Commander must have his/her change of command ceremony. No military band, no ceremony.
From the annals of time, bands(wo)men have taken great pride in watching the troops/sailors/airmen drop out of formation while we bandsmen soldiered on with blaring brass and shrilling woodwinds. Sousaphoning oompahs and Bass Drum cadential thumping…Fix Bayonet, Sound Attention, and 3 Ruffles & Flourishes and the Flag Officer March.
Today, the tradition continues…’Nary a Bands(wo)man shall drop out of formation’. Why or how did/does the Bandsman stand strong during adverse weather and strenuous conditions. Well truth be told – it’s kinda like Ed Norton’s Fight Club. Two unspoken secrets – 1st: We don’t speak about Fight Club (falling out of formation). 2nd: There is No Fight Club (leadership directive to not fallout of formation).
“Neither snow, nor rain, nor HEAT of (August) day shall prevent the bandsman from her/his sounding off.”

Ahh, or maybe that belongs with the USPS Postal creed?


Having military bands perform at community events would become easier under an amendment passed Friday by the House of Representatives. Above, musicians with the Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Band, march and perform May 22 in the Military Appreciation Day

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