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Andre Milteer BD Commentary

Celebrating my 53rd Birthday
Today, January 24, 2013 is my 53rd birthday. I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for a very long time. Why? because I think there’s something magical about turning 53. I’m very excited because I understand now that my previous times of turbulence..time of storm will become the darkness before the morning comes. The light that shines — the dawn– is upon me. Now I can see clearly; this is how I see myself at age 53 and beyond.

It’s Time to Party
So, how should I celebrate my 53rd birthday? Definitely, I’ll take my wife out for lunch or dinner (some other type of activity). I can’t decide if I will eat healthy @Jasons Deli, or eat greasy spoon, fast and fun at the Kettle restaurant (an old-fashioned diner near my house).
Whatever the case, it’s gonna be a glorious day! Another thing about it [my birthday] is that it helps me to celebrate the year 2013…which I believe will be an amazing year for me. Last year [2012] brought challenges (particularly career challenges) that — looking back — if I knew now what was to come, then I’m not sure I could’ve gotten through it all. Yet I did; and having gotten through it, I’m Stronger and Better. I’m also softer and more free-flowing. I have a deeper sense of belief; a deeper sense of trust and certainly a very deep sense of faith. Faith in a power that is bigger than myself.
Looking back over my life, it’s been a really fun time. Having entered into the army at age 17, going overseas to the Far East for a number of years, I returned to the United States and continued my military career as a military musician for 20 year span of time. This time wasn’t without its challenges, but at the same time it was a most interesting and magical life because I was able to travel. I engaged and interacted with dignitaries and Heads of State. Had I just continued to live in my hometown and follow the road well traveled, I wouldn’t have been exposed to such wonderful adventures.
No Regrets
I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve had a marriage spanning three decades. I have two wonderful children who’ve grown up to be very, very fine. I’m also very grateful that I see people differently at different paths in different areas. I now know that there is no one right or wrong way (with the exception of doing harm to oneself and/or doing harm to others); not making the planet worse off than what was prior to our arrival here.
So as I enter my 53rd year, the question of what will happen to me in life as I age? Understanding that what we are, is not what we truly are in the physical and material sense. Truly, what we are is a combination of [our] mind, body and spirit. The spirit is ageless. Sometimes we identify so much with the body, and the decaying of the body (the aging process), that we attach our minds or to our overall mental spirit.
The Conclusion of the Matter
Having said all of this, I’m going to see my 53rd birthday as a new beginning! Today is the first day of the rest of your (and mine) life. [reminds me of the cereal commercial, Special-K from Kellogg’s] I really believe that. And so today is my 53rd birthday, January 24, 2013. I am beginning the first day of the rest of my life. I’m so excited!
I ask all of you to join with me, in celebration of my birthday, and ask that you all start this day as the first day of the rest of your life. Know that our greatest times are ahead of us..not behind us.

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