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Naval Unit Band 06 Guantanamo Bay Cuba

Gitmo Naval Unit Band 06

Naval Unit Band 06 was a conventional band stationed at Guantanamo Bay Cuba that covered change of commands Officers parties as well as covering other gigs in the 10th Naval District ie. San Juan PR Haiti and Vieques.
The band performed in Port Au Prince Haiti in 1974 after having an audience with the newly 22 yr old President Baby Doc Duvalier at the Presidential Palace. The main square drew more than 15,000 people to hear the band playing Jesus Christ Superstar a popular arrangement at that time. They also played orphanages and other gigs throughout the city.
The band was disbanded in 1974 as part of the Navy Music Program Band Consolidation.
Each morning the band would play the Star Spangled Banner facing the Cuban guard towers across the bay.
The band was lead by Chief Musician Baum.

Picture furnished by George L. Barg portraying Unit Band 06 in 1960’s