The Back of the Bus (TBOTB Pronounced: Tea-bot) series is a set of three books filled with stories that focus on the lives and times of military musicians. There are some non military stories but they all happen to pertain to individuals who were in military bands at some time.

The stories were gathered in an Internet blog and contributions came from nearly a dozen writers. But the Core Four; Stephanie, Tom P., Chris and the guy who came up with the idea and seemed to not be able to stop writing once he typed up his first one did most of the wordsmithing oh, that last guy would be me, Fred.

The intent was for all the stories be truthful. But, considering that many of them took place over thirty years ago, and some elements needed to be changed to protect the innocent, guilty and at times the story had to be "cleaned up" just a little, I am sure there is a certain level of fabrication in the collective archive. But you can take it from me; most of this stuff happened just like that!

You should also know that some of the stories contain some "adult" language. Hey, these are stories about GI Musicians after all. But I think we did a pretty good job of keeping it from becoming vulgar. Just a little "blue" here and there.

There are links to more information about TBOTB at the bottom of the Reader page too.

So, now step forward; get on the bus if you will, and enjoy the selected stories that John Moody, a former military bandsman himself, has setup for us here on MilitaryBandsman.Com. A new one will appear every Monday, starting on Monday, July 29th, 2013.

Enjoy the ride!

Fred J. Robinson

USAF Musician

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